About Us


CareerzM is a company with a different angle on advertising platform for jobs, internships, graduate recruitment programmes, bursaries, scholarships, learnerships, and summer jobs. This makes it even easier and convenient for users to search and apply at their comfort and pace, and the best way to ensure that was to build a mobile application (mobile app) downloadable from Play Store and App Store for both Android and iPhone users respectively. The mobile app is built to accommodate private sector companies that operate in different countries as well as Governments with Embassies/Consulates in foreign countries including multinational organisations. The service is also domestically available for each country to search and apply for jobs according to the institution of interest.

CareerzM supports the idea of a green economy and is motivated by changes in global technology thus job seekers no longer have to deal with paperwork but can use soft copies stored in their mobile gadgets to apply as and when they need to. The application process is so convenient that job seekers can apply anywhere and anytime as long their mobile devices are connected to the network. The hiring companies or departments on the other hand need not to worry about deleting positions after deadline as CareerzM automatically deletes jobs that have reached their deadline. CareerzM encourages the importance of moving into a paperless society as the whole world is going digital and this will support both the private sector companies, government departments and the Non Profit Organisations by centralising the career application process that will be effective and efficient.

NB: CareerzM is NOT a labour brokerage firm/company and shall, therefore, not do business in the similar fashion as labour brokers.


The mission of CareerzM is to provide profound services aligned to globally recognized privacy standards to secure the best interests of people utilizing its services and always adhere to business standards through Unity, Humility, Consistency, Efficiency and Reliability for the best interest of its clients. CareerzM seeks to play a pivotal role in the digital space where rights to privacy are preserved and personal information highly protected and never considered to be shared with anyone, company or organisation for profit gains.


The main objective of CareerzM is to bring convenience to the job seekers, students and employers by creating a reliable and a globally trusted platform for advertising of careers through its technological advancement.